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Why are business analysis skills important?

October 2nd, 2013 · No Comments

Are you thinking at all about , or even a [tag-dir]business analysis career[tag-dir]? Here are some important trends to consider.

In these times of rapid change, business analysis is a core skill. However, it is not necessarily trending toward a dedicated profession, but rather is shifting away from a singular career to a valuable skill and activity regardless of role, title or job function.

Here are two developments related to business analysis:

#1. IT projects are becoming more agile.

This has several implications:

  1. BA skills are central – but within a flexible skill set, not just practicing BA
  2. Many will not hire someone that wants a Business Analyst role only
  3. Be flexible and play the roles needed by their team or teams
  4. Everyone needs to perform business analysis to some extent on the team
  5. Business analysis is a true team sport

#2. Business Analyst skills are increasingly transferable.

Business analysts are transferring their skills successfully to other roles, such as:

  1. Enterprise strategy
  2. Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  3. Business architecture
  4. Management consulting
  5. Line management in large and small companies

The bottom line is this: If you aspire to any of those roles, or even doing something more entrepreneurial, business analysis skills are highly transportable, in growing demand, and useful to have as your career develops.
John Reiling, PMP
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