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The Sun Rises in the East…or At Least It Did Yesterday!

March 20th, 2013 · No Comments

The pace of change has become so rapid. Everything around us seems to be shifting on almost a daily basis! How can we manage our careers given this frenetic !

I remember when people used to say that I need a “change of pace”…but the now I far more often hear people talk about the “pace of change”. I mean…can we still assume that the sun will be rising in the east and setting in the west tomorrow?

The old rules just cannot be applied any more – or at least we need to be very guarded as to which rules we use. We need to question the rules we hear, or that we have used in the past. We need to check and re-think our assumptions…and when required, search deeply for that which is enduring. Prior assumptions may have been only temporarily correct!

Some projects can take so long to complete, that by the time they are completed, they have no more value. Applications need to be set up so that they provide sufficient flexibility and modularity to be rapidly adapted in unexpected ways. Buildings are designed so that they can be retrofitted at frequent and often unknown time intervals. Benefit programs need to accomodate a flexible and transitionary work force. Products need to be designed quickly, anticipating trends, but not too expensively so as to become uneconomical should the market life of the product be reduced.

Increasingly, time is a factor in decisions.

Much more than in the past.

Because we don’t know for sure where the sun will rise tomorrow…
John Reiling, PMP, SSGB
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